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does fondant expire? HELP!!

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Hi all,

I'm desperate for help!! I'm inexperienced with fondant, but made some. It came out good. My question is how do I store it? I've read to freeze it, refrigerate it, leave it at room temp. I've also read not to do those things. I made some yesterday and the day before. I will need to roll them out and cover on december 13th.

What is the best way to store them? I don't think any of the ingredients I used go bad. Can I double wrap and put it in a ziploc bag or container and leave at room temp?

Here's the recipe I used:

1/4 cup water
1T gelatin
1/2 cup corn syrup
1T glycerin
1t vanilla
Powdered sugar
Food coloring

I'm freaking out because nowmI'm worried that I will have to wait until 2 days before the birthday party and. start over!!

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Yes, it will be fine if you double wrap it and put it in a ziplock at room temperature.  Just keep it airtight in the ziplock so it doesn't dry out.

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Thank you thank you thank you!! You have no idea how much stress you helped alleviate! !

How long will it keep for? I don't know what the shelf life is for non marshmallow homemade fondant.

Thanks again!!
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Mine has kept for about a month.  I have used fondant for gum paste that is older than a month, but it might be more difficult to knead.  I have also frozen fondant, but it takes a day or two to defrost.  Don't freeze it on a cake, as it sweats.

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Thanks again Norasmom! There are so many nice, helpful people on this site icon_smile.gif
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I agree. Wrap in plastic wrap tightly then a plastic bag with all the air squeezed out. Also roll it into a ball first. If it gets a little dry add a few drops of glycerin icon_smile.gif
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