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I don't have anything to add other than that's a cute cake, howsweet!
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Pricing is the most difficult part in the beginning. I think it has a lot to do with confidence, as someone previously stated, those Costco/Kroger/Walmart customers aren't the ones you want.

As a home baker your still purchasing supplies, boards, electricity, and so much more. Make sure you factor those things in.

We all know it's largely based (or should be) on the time and detail that goes into decorating, you don't need to justify that to anyone. Be confident with your quotes, you value your time and your customers will too.

HowSweet-that cake is too cute!
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Thanks, y'all!  :)   I agree, you have to confident about your price. Generally it takes longer to make most cakes at home compared to a bakery for reasons of mixer size and oven size. At a bakery, they can whip up 50 lbs of icing in almost the same time it takes to make one mixer full at home. A bakery buys its supplies at wholesale prices. Even if you buy some things wholesale, you are probably not getting the same low price they get.


Your prices should be comparable to similar work from a bakery. To think that you don't have the overhead a bakery has and that you therefore shouldn't charge as much is wrong for the reasons mentioned above and because it's not responsible to the community you live in.  If you're charging less than a bakery,  then you're undercutting them, which is NOT doing the right thing.   Never feel guilty for charging a premium price for your cakes. Feel guilty when you under charge.


THE reason that corner bakeries no longer exist is because grocery stores have aggressively put them out of business. Grocers will even operate the cake decorating department at a loss to keep people in their stores. Their lease agreements with strip centers disallow having a bakery in the same strip center.


Don't be the final nail in the coffin to the few cake shops that are left by undercutting them.

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Unless you are getting free utilities, insurance and don't have to pay taxes there are few expenses that a storefront bakery has that a home baker doesn't have.
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