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..........You don't need to measure batter - it's soooooo messy icon_sad.gif
Each 10" round and 8" square will use one cake mix batter for each layer.
A 12" round and 10" sq uses 1 1/2 each layer
8" round *and* 6 in round uses one batter
OR three 6" rounds use one mix batter.
a 14" round and 12" sq use 2 cake mixes.........

Just want to clarify somthing about this post so no one misunderstands this:

One 10x2R OR one 8x2S pan will use the batter of one cake mix.
One 12x2R OR one  10x2S needs 1 1/2 mixes
One 8x2R *and* one 6"R uses 1 mix.
Three 6x2R use one mix
One 14x2R OR one 12x2S needs 2 mixes
One 16x2R OR 14x2S uses 3 mixes

It took me a long time to figure this out  when I had my bakeries:)
Ahh I totally get it now icon_smile.gif. Can't wait to actually bake my first 2 tier but I have to buy so many things first (cake board, dowels, turntable, leveler, frosting knife).