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I don't think it's recommended for decorations…just for covering cakes. I had no clue and tried to make strips of it to put on a cake and they just kept stretching out of shape. It was a very sad looking cake. I didn't even take pictures. haha!!1


I think if you want to use it for decorations, you may need to do a 60/40 mixture of gumpaste to fondant or even higher ratio of gumpaste to fondant. That way you can use it up and it won't go to waste.


I applaud the bakers who can use it well. I just don't have patience!


Thanks for the tips mfeagan, I didn't know that it was just for covering cakes and not for decorations. That makes more sense now :)

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Wow even I started a thread about how much I hate fondarific!! I think that maybe they are starting to go down hill, many people are complaining now. I've still got mine left over too, I just use it to make accents and things like that-don't really like handling it too much.
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