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Commercial Kitchen, Help!

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Hi everyone!


I'm starting a sweets business in Calgary and have a couple of question that I hope you guys can help me with.


I need to start the process for business licensing, as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong) I need to search for a commercial  kitchen, sign an agreement with them and call the health people so that they can approve it, and they tell the city to issue me the permit, right?


My question is do I have to sign a contract with the kitchen people or a lease, stating the amount of hours I can use it? My worry is what if the kitchen doesn't workout for me or the time doesn't or I need to change kitchens do I have to restart the permit thing again from zero?


second, anybody has experience with renting a place at the farmers market, I heard you can bake and cook too, is that right?


I really hope someone can help me with my questions!






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I don't know for sure if you have to, but I would recommend it. I'm in the same boat right now. I have a place lined up (again, my last commercial kitchen fell through) and I just was considering the same thing. Seems to me to be better safe than sorry.

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I am working through a similar process. I have found a commercial kitchen that will allow flexible hours without a contract, just a refundable 500.00 deposit. Have to meet with the Pa Dept of Agriculture at the site. Permit is geographic, every new location requires a new meeting and a $35.00 fee. Best of luck to you!
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Thank you, that very helpful :)

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