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Friday Night Cake Club for 11/15/13

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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, share photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if you can!



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Hi everyone!


This week I've been baking pumpkins but no cakes! We are off on vacation tomorrow morning but I think I will still be able to log in next Friday too! 


Hope to see lots of cakes tonight! 



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This week I made a dozen jumbo cupcakes for a little girl's birthday party.  I'm glad it was an easy project because I have a lot going on this weekend, and we're going away next week to my MIL's 70th surprise party.

I am working on some pink and purple gum paste flowers for my MIL's 70th birthday cake.  It will be a small cake, thankfully, as I am traveling with my cake pans!

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So you are cooking there for the 70th b'day cake? That is a challenge! Hope to see photos of how it turns out!



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Yes, will be baking the cake at my SIL's house.  She likes to learn about cakes and the thought of carrying a cake on the plane with my 6-year old was frightening…

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yeah, that puts it right into the impossible column! I've traveled with a frozen cake before but it was just a frozen fondant covered cake and I decorated it on site. But I have had to bake in a rental kitchen for a wedding in Hawaii once. Crazy!  Never easy to have to work outside your own kitchen. Makes it much harder...not as hard as traveling with a cake and a 6 year old but...LOL!

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I made this cake Friday for my niece's birthday. It looked way better in my mind then it does here. She loved it.

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Hi Cat and everyone, 


I have travelled with a wedding cake on a plane , I have also done birthday cakes. I just let them know in advance that I am travelling with a cake and can I board the plane early to get it settled .  With the wedding cake I travelled the tiers and flowers all separate and assembled on site , finishing the piping work. 


Well this week I did a fortieth birthday cake for a keen fisherman, 


It is a bourbon mudcake inside and smelled soooo good , I really with I could have tasted it it , but the damn thing was so level I couldn't even snick a little from the top. 


This week we have a display for the Cake Club branch at a local shopping centre, so I will have a busy week running that .

Happy Caking everyone 


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Happy to say that we decided to just buy a cake, because SIL wants me to relax while in San Diego.  That was fine by me, for sure, as I was cramming to get the gum paste flowers done.

I think I will use the flowers on a different cake.

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Norasmum , that sounds like a great idea , otherwise it becomes a bit of a busman's holiday. Flowers never go to waste I find, I am just about to cobble some together to put in our branch display comp.  


Cat , I am intrigued , Baking Pumpkins ? have you been making soup ?


Marian, I have to ask about the moustache , is it for Movember ? Things always look way better in my mind too , LOL. 

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