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Those appear to be done with the disco dust brushed onto the chocolate that has been wet with water. I found some videos on You Tube to show how to do it.

In this video the person wets the chocolate, then brushes disco dust onto the chocolate. All the glitter falls off, so I wonder if disco dust has luster dust mixed in with the glitter. Perhaps it is better to use the wet method with the luster dust.

Here is another one that uses disco dust and water.

(Personally, I would not want to consume disco dust, so I would probably try the luster dust, though maybe that is not much safer.)

This person just dry brushes luster dust directly onto the chocolate.

Here is the mold for the cookies.

Here is a mini sized mold.

Secretagentcakebaker is right. I met Angie from O Pops a couple of weeks ago at a cake pop meet-up.. she uses the molds from spinningleaf and uses disco dust to make them look like how they are pictured above. She uses disco dust for her "gem pops" as well.