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pie pop help....

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Hi everyone. If anyone is into making pie pops I could use a little help. My family has asked me to make pie pops for Thanksgiving and I did a test run of them yesterday. For some reason I can not get the stick to stay in or the top and bottom crusts to stay together. I followed a couple tutorials on the web but it's just not working out. They taste good...just not holding together. Please help! :-( Thanks in advance!

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I think you just need to crimp it better, and go all the way up to the stick. 


You could always tell your family that there is enough going on at Thanksgiving and that you'd rather have a whole pie than pie pops!  LOL.  That's what I'd do anyway...

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Did you put a touch of water or egg between the two layers before you crimped them?

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LoL I did try for a whole pie but with no luck ....darn...oh well guess I will do what I can. I did put a little water around the bottom round but that didn't work either. Wonder if it matters what brand you use?

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I made them a couple of times. The first time I had the same issues you are having. And the ganache swells up when its cooked, so if you have cutouts, keep that in mind.  But I think on a couple of mine I didn't have the sticks in far enough and they needed to be crimped a LOT better.

For my secod batch - I eliminated the sticks all together. Just had mini pies. :-)

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