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Fondarific in Australia? or maybe Fondtastic?

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It seems like everywhere that I usually order cake decorating supplies from has stopped carrying Fondarific :( 


Fondarific is by far my favourite fondant. I was at The General Trader the other day and say a fondant that I've never seen before called "Fondtastic." It looks like it comes in the same colours as Fondarific and it's either made or distributed by Mondo Bakeware. I've been trying to find a phone number to call them, but haven't had any luck so far. One of the girls at The General Trader said that it's possible that Mondo has some sort of licensing agreement with Fondarific and they import it, then rebrand it. I'd just like to get some confirmation about this.


The tub of fondant that I bought says the following:

  • premium rolled fondant
  • luxury formula
  • soft and easy to work with
  • will not dry out or crack 
  • non-stick pliable rolled fondant
  • ideal for all fondant cakes & can also be used as a modeling paste
  • 100% taste guarantee
  • superior smooth finish


It sounds like it could be Fondarific. I haven't had a play with it, but I will tonight. I'm taking a cake decorating course at TAFE and my homework is to cover an extended tier cake so I'll use the Fondastic for that.


If anyone has info at all about where to buy Fondarific (in at least the 32oz or larger tubs) in Australia I will be forever greatfull. Also, if anyone knows anything about Fondtastic, I'd love to hear about it. Thank you!!! :)

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From their US website:
Fondarific International Distributors: Australia
Cake Decorating Central
Castle Hill and Campbelltown

No re-badging ... Fondarific originates from Georgia, USA while Fondtastic originates from Canada. Fondtastic is vaguely mention in some CC posts in 2008, but that's all I could see ..

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Thanks so much Auzzi!!! I'm ordering large tubs of Fondarific right now! :)


I covered some dummy cakes with the Fondtastic tonight. It's very good, but I think I have a slight preference for Fondarific still. Fondtastic reminds me of when I do a 50:50 of Fondarific and Pettinice or Satin Ice. 

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