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Bubbles when MFF dries

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I've started using MFF and have made 3 cakes with it now. I find it really easy to work with, it has been going on the cake easy and looks great when it is 1st put on. My problem is that after it sits and the fondant dries, I'm getting large bubbles on the top of the cake, not in the fondant itself but under the fondant. Why is this happening? I've never had this problem before with other fondants I've used?

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Question, do you allow your cakes to settle before you put the fondant on?

It sounds like the bubbles are coming from air pockets within the cake itsself, not with the actual fondant.

The fondant is heavy enough that its weighing down the cake, forcing the air bubbles out and since they have no escape, they cause a bubble.

There is an easy solution to this...

Once your cakes are filled, set them off to the side and allow them to settle.I place a cake round on top of mine then weight them down with a ceramic tile. You can use anything besides a tile as long as it distributes weight evenly. I do this for about an hour or so and I never have any issues. When I didn't, I would even sometimes get bubbles under my buttercream!


Good Luck.

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Thanks. I usually fill and leave them at least a few hours and ideally overnight if I have time. I like the tile idea, I have a cake to do tomorrow and I will try that.

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