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Fondant Bubbling out

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I made a cake this weekend - I'm super new to all this so I make mistakes, of course!

So on one of the cakes this weekend, I made it, put my buttercream icing on, put it in the fridge while I made my fondant and rolled it out. Then I got it out of the fridge - put the fondant on it, stacked it and started decorating it. Then I noticed on ONE SIDE the icing had started buldging out - almost like it was melting off ONE SPOT and pushing the fondantĀ  out into a bubble. I'd smooth it down and it would come right back. So I finally smoothed it down and threw it back in the fridge and held my breath that it wouldn't happen again or worse - and it didn't. It made it just fine after 2 hours in the fridge to the party.

Can anyone tell me why it popped out like that? Or how to prevent it? thanks!!

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Next time...use a stiff buttercream dam (there's tutorials on this) for your filling to keep it from bulging...sounds like that's what happened. Also. When you fill the cake let sit overnight to let it settle.

since you don't have a picture its kind of hard to say what exactly happened.

not to confuse you but it could have also been an air which case you would prick it with a toothpick and smooth it back down
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Thank you for answering so fast. Here's a bad pic of what happened before I fixed it. 400
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Really cute cake!!! Yeah that's a bulge due to filling. The stiff buttercream dam is the answer! That will fix it. There's tons of YouTube videos that explain this method better than I ever could
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Thank you thank you thank you! Ill hafta spend some time in YouTube school tomorrow icon_wink.gif
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Haha yes. You can really learn alot. Also I should add when you fill it and let it sit do that BEFORE you cover it in fondant. I'm not sure if that was clear
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