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Kind Help Needed...

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I am writing in regards to ask you about the job opportunities after any course in Bonnie Gordon College. I am here in India, i am planning my study visit to Bonnie Gordon College soon. I will be coming in a student visa, its a one month course, but i am confused about the scope for a job after one month course in Bonnie Gordon College.


If some one can guide me pls....


~ Sam ~

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You've not indicated which course you're taking but I have to assume it's one of the certificate courses that runs for 10-14 days.  You also haven't indicated what level of experience you currently have as that will determine what kind of job you might be able to get from having taken the course. They make a claim on their website that you will be able "to graduate fully trained, ready for a career in the baking arts" after having taken one of these certificate courses.  Unless you have some previous experience, I don't see any of their 2 weeks courses preparing you enough for a career.  They may give you skills to start, but I don't know about getting a job.  I know this school well, and one day want to take the full time 4 month Confectionary Arts Diploma course.


You need to contact the Bonnie Gordon school and ask them what the opportunities are like after finishing their programs.  As if you can speak to people who have taken the course(s) you're going to be taking.  Do they provide any assistance in getting a job when you're done?  Do they put you in touch with businesses that are willing to consider hiring you with limited experience?  These are all things you need to ask them.  Only they can tell you if obtaining a job after you complete the course is realistic.  Unless someone on this forum has taken courses at the school, they will not be able to help you.


Also, you need to stop posting this same question multiple times on unrelated posts hoping for an answer.  If no one is able to answer your question, there will be no replies.


Good luck.

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Hai Friend,


Thank You So much for your honest reply and i apologize for posting it many times. I am looking for a full time program “Bakery Essentials”. But really worried about what after the course. They say i can apply to job posting provided to me by the school or volunteer with them here at the school.


I do not have previous work experience in this field but planning to come in a Student Visa, after the course i should be getting a really good job only when i will be able to apply for a work permit. If you can guide me through then i will be thankful to you.


If you have any suggestions please let me know, i badly need some guidance on this matter.



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Contact the Bonnie Gordon School and they will give you all the guidance you want.  I'm not familiar with it so I won't be much help to you.  Good luck with your future!

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