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Cottage Food Law -Florida-Miami Dade County

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Hello Does Anybody know if :-(Cottage food operations are allowed in Miami Dade County Fl? The small amount of information that I have been able to get is contradicting- not even county emplyees seem to know!!

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Hi mimi1144,

I can't help you much with Dade County but I live in Broward county where the CFL is in effect, however my municipality (Sunrise) does not allow any kind of business/baking from home.  I believe each city has the right to determine whether something is allowed based on zoning so I would check with your city to find out.  It had taken me some time to get that information as no one was aware of it in the beginning but it basically boils down to the city ordinance.


Good luck!

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Same here! I live in Miami Dade (Homestead). I love baking and would like to start selling my confections, but everything seems so confusing. The only information I have found about the CFL is just so unclear. Some people say Miami Dade do not allow selling homemade baked goods, but then I was doing some research on Instagram and Pinterest (using hash tags) and found two people who live in Miami Dade (one in Homestead) and sell cakes from their homes. I was about to ask them but I decided not to because they might think I'm an inspector or something.

The  thing is, I'm not sure, they are selling cakes etc, living in Miami Dade???? 


What should I do?

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I'm originally from MDC. In 2011 the cottage food law was passed. There are some local cake shops that offer seminars (not free) on the law. It might be something to look into. It passed, soon after moved :(  However, that did not stop people from baking from home. Previous to to the CFL you had to have a separate kitchen, not part of the main home, separate AC work etc.  The law is a state law, that does not necessarily mean every county allows it. check this link

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OMG, it seems so complicated. What should I do? :-/

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From what I've heard, Miami Dade still isn't allowing CFOs. I'm afraid the law will have to get amended before they will change their stance on it. It's not surprising that you found some home bakers running businesses in the county... many people run home businesses whether or not it is approved. JennG25, if you want to run a legal business from home, I'm afraid there is no possible way to do so, unless someone from your county's ag dept says it's okay.

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This is interesting and I am curious that I have read articles in the local newspaper that show Cottage Food Businesses are legal in Miami-Dade. I have recently read articles in the Miami Herald about people who are running their Cottage Food - Cake Business in Miami-Dade County from their home. One of these articles was published on 10.31.13 under Miami-Dade news, and another in this same newspaper earlier in August 2013 under "Westchester-Baking Business". The articles openly mention the name of the business and the proprietor. These articles cover information about these businesses selling their baked goods at local farmers markets as well. If the Cottage Food Law is not legal in Miami Dade County, how can the Miami Herald publish these articles? I would expect that people reading these articles in a newspaper that is "South Florida's source for accurate news to the community in the Miami-Dade area" may be induced to bake from home and sell directly to the public and then get fined if it is illegal.

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Thanks for sharing, Iris... that's so interesting. I'd love to hear if someone can get the go ahead from the health dept. All I've heard are people frustrated that the health dept won't let them use the law. One thing I think that might lead to people starting businesses in Miami-Dade, without approval, is that there is no registration process that's needed in Florida. So many may just start their business without calling, and maybe the county's health dept is too busy to pay much attention to those articles. It would be great if they have changed their minds, though.

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