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Given up on Global sugar art... so where can I get my gear from?

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Hi - situated in Norway and cake decorating isn't such a big thing over here - I pretty much have to import everything from fondant to cutters.


After gasping my way halfway through checkout @ Global Sugar art where a parcel with the value of $20 ends up costing $120 because of their insane shipping costs I'm kinda lost. Not only are their shipping costs out of this world - I also have to pay customs for it. Seriously GSA; change your name or be blunt; you don't really want customers overseas.


Enough of the QQ - where can I find a decent supplier of nozzles & bags & cutters & colors and everything else I need for decorating my cakes and cookies? Any ideas?


Best, Auntiecruel

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Thanks Godot - but that's not really an option, their prices are triple what they are in lets say USA. So I get to pay the same. 


Other ideas? Links are good ;D

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Of course prices in Norway are going to be 3x that of the USA. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world and the US is all but bankrupt.

Try places in England. Even though Norge isn't in the Eu the shipping might be cheaper.
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I've tried Sugarshack & the Cakedecorating company - both delivering to Norway for around $30 no matter if the parcel is containing 1 or umpteen items. They used to forward things by air mail but have for some odd reason changed to DHL prices.


I am totally aware of the Norwegian prices - this, and the fact that the variety of cake decorating equipment is very poor here, is the reason I'm looking elsewhere ;D


Oh and edit... Sugarshack actually wants £55 to send a parcel to me with just a few nozzles and colors - that's only about $ 88....

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I'd say that you're SOL then.
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One could say that ;D


I am still hopeful that another solution might be found - this is a forum where magical things happen :P

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Have you looked into how much it actually costs to ship something from the US to Norway? They may be charging closer to the actual shipping cost than you think.

Where do local bakeries buy their supplies?
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I'll check Ebay closer LizzieAylett, thanks ;D


@ Jason_Kraft; I'm not sure I'm buying that argument, that this is actual cost. If so, how come the alternative with AirMail is so much more fair (only we're not given that alternative ;)? 


Another reason is that it appears to be just as costly - if not more - to send same items from the UK. And UK is kinda right next door compared.


Local bakeries use a wholesale option called Pals - more or less a monopoly going on there and they trade only with companies. Not much of interest there to me either - they don't have cutters etc.

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I get most of my cutters, molds, etc. from China through e-bay at ridiculously low prices. Once got a fish cutter/mold for 30 cents including shipping. Items arrived within two weeks. The US has a special trade agreement with China that keeps the postage low.  Norway probably does not have the same agreement, but it's worth checking. If not, do you know someone in the US who could receive your items then forward them to you for just the cost of forwarding postage? Just a thought. Not sure what postage to you from China or the US would be. Good luck!

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I just checked pricing for US Postal Service priority mail to Norway, a medium size flat rate box starts at $60. Many businesses have contracts with UPS or Fedex, which are typically somewhat more expensive than USPS.
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If you're close to Oslo this might be worth a try:
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Anticruel, I feel for you, I live in Paris and shipping is a fortune. I've taken to having items delivered to my family in the States and then when I or someone I know goes they bring it back for me. I got a 60€ tax bill last time I shipped something which really annoyed me esp as I paid so much for postage & I've sworn of having stuff shipped.  

You might find it cheaper to go up to London to buy in bulk - I sometimes do that, alternatively Amazon (the English) site has a fair choice for baking & cake decorating & their shipping is more reasonable so maybe try that?

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Originally Posted by jason_kraft View Post

If you're close to Oslo this might be worth a try:


Going to this cake shop has been part of my christmas traditions since I was a wee un-cruel thing, Jason ;D 


They have the best cakes in the world! Never ever seen a cookie cutter for sale there tho, hm....

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