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dukeswalker...that is also gorgeous! I am really fond of the black and white color palette!


Lizzie...that is just adorable! very elegant! I would have loved to have seen the party that went with that cake! I'm a party planner too and just love to see how things are set up at all parties (yes, I'm a wedding freak too! LOL!)



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Hello everyone. Happy birthday pretty new to the forum. .. Heres a birthday cake I did on my birthday two weeks back

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Want to ask something too.... how do we post our work pics on the forum directly and not on any questions. ... as in part of profile
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Amarz, Your cake is beautiful. Is the rose real or sugar? As for posting your you mean how do you make your own gallery album? If you click on the word "galleries" it will take you to the gallery listings. From there you should see a link that says something like "upload photos" and it will take you from there. That will attach the photos you upload to your profile. 



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Thanks dear.its sugar paste flower. .. and thanks for the help. That's exactly what I was looking for. ... will be posting my work now. .... hope everyone likes it.. am a newbe to this icon_smile.gif
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Don't have anything but love checking on all the pretty creations!

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Happy Birthday Cat!!! I think your birthday cake is cute!!!! Hope your fingers will be feeling better soon!!!


I love everyone's cakes!!! Great job!!!! I always look forwards to seeing what everyone is working on!!


My thanks to everyone who posted!!

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Here's my daughter's 4th birthday cake. I've never tried to smooth buttercream before and as you can see it didn't work very well. It's a rainbow cake inside which should be a big surprise for here. The colours look really nice in real life.


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Lou glue, that is adorable, so well designed!  Smoothing buttercream is so hard...i use white buttercream, when I color it the imperfections show up! 

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Here are the ranunculus!  They take a long time because there are so many petals!


Ranunculus.JPG 423k .JPG file

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They look good Norasmom!!!!
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Not much in the line of decorating, but something for fall....Banana Cake with Caramel SMBC and Pecans on the sides.

Louglou, beautiful rainbow cake! I did one this week also, and colored the buttercream diferent for each colored layer too.

Happy birthday Cat!

All great cakes this week ladies! I love this thread......:party:

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 Teletubbies birthday cake for my grandson, he turned 2 today

Teletubbies cake for my Grandson, he turned 2 today .Modeling chocolate Tubbies (plastic scooter, Shh don't tell anyone).

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I did this for an event at my granddaughters school. I was told the lady organizing the event was carrying it around and showing it to everyone. It's good to have your Greemaw in the cake

Cake for my precious grandbaby

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I made these cookies and pumpkin whoopie pies for a teacher appreciation lunch this week. 400
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