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Buffalo Wing cupcakes

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I have a Halloween Cupcake challenge coming up. Two cupcakes have to be made. I am doing a pumpkin cupcake but I thought wouldn't it be cool to do a savory cupcake b/c I know no one will think to do that. I thought why not a buffalo chicken cupcake. Has anyone tried these? Are they good?

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Sorry but that just doesn't sound very good to me! A+ for creativity though!

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I have not tried them. To me, a cupcake is sweet and a non-sweet cupcake is a muffin. However, if I were making it, I would probably use a ranch dressing flavored corn muffin as the base and a swirl or filling of cream cheese.

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I seem to remember an episode of Cupcake Wars where one of the contestants put a piece of fried chicken on the cupcake. I don't think the judges liked it. Maybe you can find the transcript of that episode and find out what exactly was in that cupcake so you can get some ideas.
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Here is a blog post I found while searching for the Cupcake Wars episode. There is also a recipe for buffalo wing cupcakes.
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If you do make them post pictures and let us know how they were! I'm not brave enough to venture that far outside of the box.

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Oh, and I found a video of a bakery that sells buffalo wing cupcakes. Guess they are popular there.

Have fun and good luck with your challenge!
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Thanks everyone for your input. I decided to go with maple bacon cupcake b/c I see more positive reviews for that particular cupcake and it's still different :).

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I have never tried but I did see an episode of The Chew where they had BBQ wing cupcakes.
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