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Chocolate lollipos

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 I just finished a batch of chocolate lollipop. I have been working on them for about three weeks. The chocolate has turned very dull, what can I do to make them look shinier, this is for a baby shower next Saturday

.Please somebody help me.



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Are you using real chocolate or candy melts (like the Wilton or Merckens discs?)
If real chocolate, you will need to temper it. It's not the easiest process. If you are using the discs, I'm not sure what the problem would be. Hopefully someone else will be able to help.
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If they are just a little dull, they can be sprayed with edible lacquer. Cake supplies store often sell it. There are probably other solutions, but I don't work with chocolate much.

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Dear howseet:


Thank you so much for your advise, i will try the lacquer and let you know if it worked.



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Sorry, but that lacquer is pretty expensive and doesn't taste very good.  It's generally used for competition items or things that won't be eaten.

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Thank you .



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A light spray of it is flavorless - I use it all the time, but admittedly not on chocolate. Yes, it's $35-50 for can, but lasts forever.

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