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chocolate lollipops

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I guys...
I wanted to make so chocolate lollipops using the various moulds out there. Do I use regular chocolate or candy melts?

Thank in advance xxx
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Depends on your taste buds.  I personally would buy good couveture and temper it.

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Ive never tempered chocolate and I need it in a variety of colours so I really dont know which way to go
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You can either use candy melts in the different colors - just melt and pour into your molds. Or you can use white chocolate that needs to be tempered and needs to be colored with candy colors that are oil based - once melted, tempered, and colored, pour into molds. Colors used for icings will cause your white chocolate to seize. Plus white chocolate can be very temperamental!

Good luck!


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Oh no. I think I might use candy melts for the coloured parts and just use a double boilee to melt Cadburys choc just so I can get it in the moulds as the background...will that work??

Thanks for your replies x
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