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Help!!!! Need price advice!!!  

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I have done cakes for a few co-workers on their Birthdays in the past.   I have been asked to do a cake for a co-workers party and she wants to pay for it.  I am not an expert at this.  In fact I just do this for fun and she will not accept me doing the cake for the price of the supplies.  I have a picture of a cake that I have done before and she wants one like it.  I need to know what you think on how much I should ask her for.  Please help!!



Thank you for your advice!!

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If you are not running a legal business I would not set a price. if she insists on paying something, let her pay whatever she feels the cake is worth, either to you or to charity.
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Thank you!

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Pricing a cake is much more complex than you obviously realise.  There are loads of threads devoted to this topic and the answer is going to be different for a whole lot of people.  What do your ingredients cost, how much time did it take, are you working from an approved kitchen, do you have insurance? to name a few. Have you thought about what could go wrong, not that I am implying in any way that you are going to do anything wrong, but as your co-worker is paying you for a product it is therefore a legal transaction and in the eyes of the law and the Food Authority (or whatever relevant body in your area), saying "I just do this for fun" means nothing and you are responsible for any issues arising from you selling this product.  Are you producing this from an approved kitchen?


How much does this cost is a bit like a "how long is a piece of string question", but with potential legal pit falls attached.  My answer to your question is not the price but some advise to educate yourself on the bigger picture of selling cakes (because that is what you are doing) before you go down this path :smile:

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To Everyone:


Thank you for caring enough to share. I promise to weigh it carefully.

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I like the point that one person made.  Just be honest and tell her that you can't charge her for it but she can make a donation in any amount she sees fit.  I loved the sides of the cake - two witches flew right into the icing but don't understand the top part.  Are those dice.  Also cakes are based on the number of people you're serving but we can't tell if that's a cake for 50 or 8 so it's hard to judge.  The sides look very professional - the top looks like something you can get at any grocery store.  Sorry, but you wanted honesty.  I wish you luck with cake decorating - I started at my day job - practicing on the employees, then after a few years had so many orders I had to quit the day job and now I'm in my dream job (cake decorating).  Hope this also happens to you.

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If you can't give the cake as a gift, and your friend insist on paying, then just charge for the supplies.  When I am doing a cake for family and they insist on paying me (I always offer family free) I just ask them to cover the supplies but I'm not sure if this is still considered selling a cake.  


It is always a good idea to check with local codes or to see if your state has a cottage law.  


When it comes to pricing a cake, a lot of factors come into play.  What I pay for my supplies and what you pay in the state you live in can differ.  Also what other bakeries and cake decorators in your local area charge for cakes also factor in.  We all live in different locations around the country and pricing also varies due to this.  Big cities vs. rural locations.


All this is to say, no one person really can offer real pricing advise to someone because there are so many factors that go into it.  It takes lots of research.


Good luck and don't get discouraged... it never hurts to ask questions!  It's all a learning experience.  I also believe if this type of question has been posted multiple times, instead of people getting tired responding to them, just don't respond/post.   Move on to the next thread that interests you.

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I will start permanently banning members regardless of how long you have been a member here if you cannot participate in a helpful manner OR cannot show mature restraint by only participating on the threads that you can contribute to in a meaningful, helpful way.  


If you feel a thread was created by a "troll", FLAG THEM.  Let the Mods and Cake Central do our jobs to keep this a friendly, informative, and caring community.


Thank you.

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