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I did this for my best friend's wedding many years ago. I was living in Oklahoma at the time and she lived in Phoenix (coincidence!) I had two very small children at the time and could only be away from home for a couple of days. I flew out on Friday, wedding was on Saturday in the early afternoon, and I flew home the same evening. Here's how I did it;

1. Pre-made icing flowers out of royal icing and packed them, nestled in cotton, in plastic containers. Made lots of extra in case of breakage. 

2. Pre-made buttercream and packed it in a couple of large plastic containers. Also packed all of the supplies I could think that I might need from start to finish, even my baking pans. The only other thing besides supplies that I had in my ginormous suitcase was my dress for the!

3. Arrived early on Friday morning, went straight to the bride's mother's home, and started baking. I had given her a list of ingredients to have on hand for me, so I didn't need to shop on the way. Cakes were baked and iced by dinnertime. Took a break for dinner and then decorated that night. 

4. Transported cake to venue and set it up on Saturday morning. Had nice wedding, ate cake, rushed to the airport.

5. Flew home and collapsed from exhaustion. :) But the cake looked great! 


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Good luck to you and I hope it all turns out okay!

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i think you have a good variety of suggestions, but i have to add that Phoenix at the beginning of November will not be cool, usually mid 80's and because most Phoenicians are used to hot weather, houses are usually air conditioned to 80-82 degrees. Room temp here is full-on summer for a lot of places. I really don't know any arizona desert bakers who would leave a fondant cake out of the refrigerator for anything other than transportation--i know i wouldn't. But the good thing is that with the dry climate, there really isn't much problem with a little condensation on the cake when coming out of the fridge.  


Do you have a dedicated fridge for the cakes?  Unless the cost or sentimentality is too much of an issue, I would suggest purchasing kitchen cakes from a local bakery and then putting your efforts into the main tiered cake.  I'm sure there are 'cash and carry' bakeries that can provide two-layer half-sheet cakes that can be picked up and taken by family to the venue. 


about the freshness of the cake being out that long,  are you scratch baking or using a doctored mix?  Your doctored mixes are going to hold up to the point of 'i wouldn't worry about it' because they are supplemented with preservatives that will keep it tasting like the day it was baked.  A scratch cake is going to be a bit more delicate with shelf life because of the natural ingredients.  

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Maybe you can make the display cake a dummy cake. Decorate it all at home. Then bake and ice the kitchen cakes when you get there. (bring your premade icing, measure all the dry cake ingredients and put in zip bags before leaving home.)
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Thank you everyone!  It had never occurred to me to refrigerate the fondant once it's on the cake, that's like the kiss of death here!  It is warmer at my aunt's house than I keep my own home, but I think it's more like 78.  


I gave up on the frozen cake idea and have arranged to use multiple ovens at neighboring homes to get everything baked quickly as soon as I arrive.  It's stressful for me and I probably won't get much sleep, but it seems to be the best thing to do.  It's also "my" cake and not a bakery's cake that they could have ordered on their own (maybe I'm being too sentimental but this wedding is a HUGE deal in my family, we've had a lot of deaths in the last 4 years and this is the first wedding in 30 years).  And I do use doctored mixes so they should be stable.


Thank you!!

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