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Need ideas for "old fashioned " wedding desserts

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I got a request from a woman getting married in February. Instead of a wedding cake, she is wanting a table of various desserts such as pie, etc. She said the main thing she wants is for them to look like Laura Ingalls Wilder made them or like Grandma made. Any ideas on which desserts to make and how to decorate the table to get that look? I think it would be fun to do but not sure how to do it.
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Dessert style cakes (i.e. ones which are decorated with swirls of icing, not ones which look "professionally" decorated)

Bundt cakes (think pound cake with fruit drizzles)

Angel food cake

Pound cake

Bread pudding

Trifle (these are beautiful)

Banana pudding

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I'd also start hitting stores for antique cake stands and domes for this stuff, unless you wanted to leave that up to her along with the table linens.  You can also do roses in teacups for a more vintage feel to put on the table with the sweets.  Table decorations should be up to the bride, but I'd go ahead and invest in the cake stands and domes so you have it for future business.

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Definitely pies with lattice crusts. You could also do things with fruit - fresh picked fruit almost always made an appearance in older desserts, so you could try some cobblers. Lemon custard or meringue was becoming common - just not lemon meringue pie. Shortcakes would be fun. Gingerbread - that was common. Bread pudding would be good. 

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Just watch the fresh fruit, especially in the dead of winter.  Citrus fruits are in season but not things like berries (of course that just depends on where you live).  Apple pie you could use fresh fruit, for cherry you could use canned cherries.  Blueberry cobbler you can make with frozen blueberries.  Cream pies are freaking fantastic and look beautiful under a dome with a huge pile of whipped cream or meringue on top. 

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Thanks for the great ideas everyone! Hopefully I get the job. I think the hard part will be knowing what prices to charge since I usually don't make these kind of desserts to sell.
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