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top tools

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Okay guys, I need some help. What are the most helpful tools when cake decorating for newbees! I tried to look for past posts about this, but the internet hates me. I'm going to be doing fondant covered cake and buttercream decorations.
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If I had to give my top things I could not live without for assembling and decorating....


revolving cake stand

serrated bread knife (to level cakes)

#18 tip and piping bag (for piping in filling)

sewing gauge (to mark a level line around the cake to trim it level)

small offset spatula

fondant smoother

xacto knife and lots of extra blades

paintbrushes in various sizes

a simple set of gumpaste tools

a modeling pad (for making gumpaste flowers)

small fondant rolling pin

flexible cutting board (to roll out gumpaste for decorations)

silicon mold kit (to make molds of objects you want to create in fondant or gumpaste)




as you progress you can collect flower cutters and molds and impression mats.  but until then i would use paper and scissors to create templates for flower petals and find household items to to create textures and shapes.


good luck

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