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Frustrated - Duff's airbrush gun clogged

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Title says it all - the airbrush gun clogged and I can't get it unclogged.  I've taken it all apart and soaked it overnight, and it's still clogged.  It will spray water out if the needle is completely exposed, but when I screw the tiny needle cover back on, it will only spray out air.  The tiny needle cover is completely clean.  I have no idea where to get it fixed, and I'm sure Duff won't fix it because they'll classify it as a maintenance issue, even though I've been meticulous about keeping it clean.  I've only used it a handful of times.  Does anyone have any tips or ideas?

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Can't help....but I will say I hear that it's a pain to work with that machine. Most people end up throwing it out or returning it. Maybe somebody can be of more assistance icon_sad.gif
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I have had that happen before and had to disassemble the whole thing. I removed the back off, pulled out the ping and cleaned the interior of the gun.  It worked after that.  The only time it gets clogged is when I use dust.   It doesn't happen all the time, but occasionally.  I don't have the duff airbrush gun, but they are all pretty much the same.  If you do take it all apart, make sure you know how to put it back together.

   Hopefully someone has an easier way to fix the airbrush.  Good Luck getting it to work.

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Try getting a hot bowl of water, turn your air brush on, put the whole thing in there, let it sit for a few, then pull the trigger?  Then cover the needle with your finger and pull the trigger.

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It's fixed!  I took it all apart again, cleaned it, soaked it, cleaned it with a pin, it still wouldn't work, so I took it all apart again, rinsed it once more, then couldn't get it back together - somewhere in the manhandling trying to put it all back together whatever was clogged came loose and it started working!  Thanks everyone!

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Also, if you haven't tried already... Kopykake has an airbrush cleaner. Works like a charm. I use warm water to do the first flush, back flush with my finger over the nozzle till it bubbles in the syphon tank. Repeat procedure with little cleaning fluid, then rinse with water... Have never had a clog!
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