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Ruthie, what an amazing and fun design!I especially love their heads peeking out from under the manhole cover!

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Smitty you cake is stunningly feminine.


Ruthie I smile every time I see a TMNT cake.  My son is 28 now but was very much into them when they first came on to the t.v..  I must scan in the cake I did for hime way back when.....

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Thanks Cazza! I was into TMNT too but watching the movie yesterday I was wondering why? The cartoon was way better! lol

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Ruthie, I love the Ninja Turtle cake, it is perfect!


Smitty, that is one gorgeous cake. 


Here's the Minecraft cake I did for a 12th birthday party. It was so awesome the birthday boy sketch the cake out for me in his "cake consult". It was the best, he wanted to meet with me to go over his cake, and teach me about Minecraft. It was so darling! What I really wanted to do is invite him over and let him help me with the cake, but I'm not sure that would have went over well with the paying customer.  I can imagine the conversation going a little like this "how does that work, I pay you to make a cake and you have my son do it and collect a fee"?  I can't wait for my kids to get a little older so we can decorate together, if they like cake that is.





I also did a quinceanera cake. This one gave me fits, not my best work, especially covering a cake with fondant. Mostly disappointed this one didn't come out cleaner. 


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First time posting to the FNCC - I love the peony, it's gorgeous!  I also love the purple quincenara cake, trust me that people won't see the flaws that we do!  We're our own worst critics.


I made a cake for my son today.  He turned four back in August, but he had the chicken pox on his birthday, so we didn't have the party until tonight.  I ran out of time, so didn't get to do as many details as I wanted (only had time to make the anchor, one barrel and a treasure chest, had wanted to do more barrels, a few ladders, some portals and windows, but oh well).  The gumpaste I had shaped for sails cracked when I tried to thread them on the skewers, and I didn't have time to redo them, so I cheated and printed off computer paper and airbrushed them.  My little guy was thrilled and the crowd was impressed, so I guess that's all that matters!  I had fun doing it, I love doing cakes for my kids because I can take as much creative liberties as I want!


Rainbow bit cake with chocolate buttercream, covered with chocolate marshmallow fondant. The sea is almond buttercream.


I do have one question - my Duff airbrush plugged while I was doing this cake.  I have the nozzle taken apart and the little pieces soaking right now, as that's what google said to do, but has anyone else had success getting the Duff airbrush unclogged?



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Great cakes guys.

O.K. I've colored the tulips and they are not boxy shaped enough, that is why they look wrong. Maybe when I make some leaves some of that will be hidden.

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The Peony is gorgeous! I found when I bought Dixie PS it was lumpy so I only buy Domino now. The turtles are so cute and I think you did a pretty good job. We are always hardest on ourselves. I love the ship. luv luv luv it!


I only did one cake this week. It was an 18 wheeler and it gave me fits. It just took so much longer to do than I anticipated. In the end it came out all right.


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Love the minecraft cake that is so awesome that he wanted to inform you what a smart boy!

I think that makes the cakes more personal than the mom just saying he wants minecraft. Maybe I should start talking to their kids to find out what they like. Does anyone do that? Instead of just she wants a ballerina cake? The only downfall I could see to this is sometimes kids have unreasonable expectations. I want it to look like ballerina shoes nothing else. lol

Anyhow cute cake and the Quincenara cake looks fine I'm sure they were very impressed.


That boat rocks! I have seen more boats fail then success so great job! As for detail I was already impressed by all the

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I just love everybodies cakes from this week.  The turtles are so cute.  That peony is too die for.  The quinceanera cake is awesome.  The truck, awesome job. and the ship is sooo cute.


Great job everyone!!


Here is one of my cakes.  I still haven't downloaded the other pics.  I really enjoyed making this one.  But gotta say I'm getting tired of making themed and character cakes.  I'm ready for wedding season to start.  I don't know how any of you feel about it.


Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
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Originally Posted by RuthiePearl View Post

I made this for my little cousin's birthday today. I'm working hard on my techniques and I think I'm seeing some improvements. I definitely see many flaws in the cake but birthday boy loved it!

I love doing little kids cakes, as long as it looks remotely like they wanted they are thrilled icon_smile.gif


'Errrrr....What flaws? I don't see em!

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Awesome cakes everyone, here is a pic of the LOTR themed wedding cake i did this weekend, again the bride purchased the Arwen and Aragorn figurines and wanted them inside the small gazebo on the Rivendell cliffside, I know nothing about LOTR so this is my attempt.

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Pretty cool Mallorymaid! Is that the whole wedding cake? Pretty neat I wish that place was real I'd retire there. One day I'll make it to New Zealand one day.
Auntginn I hate character cakes but right now I'd do anything but twiddle my thumbs. I don't have
A cake till the end of October and it's boring.
Minnie is cute!
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Thanks smittyditty, the base of this cake was a 4" x 14" red velvet with cream cheese icing and a 4" x 14" chocolate cake with buttercream carved and also used cake "spackle" to give it some dimension, gazebo base was a 4"x8" vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and top of gazebo was vanilla cake baked in one of my pyrex bowls, they also had a slab carrot cake.  Funny the bride said the same thing about wanting to live there as well...perhaps it's time for me watch LOTR!!

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Blue Ombre Cake  Practice cake for the family:)

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Everyone, all your cakes are fantastic!!! Great Job to all of you!!!

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