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Marshmallow fondant how long can it last before it is used?

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I made some marshmallow fondant for my sisters cake and I thought I had it perfectly set. The recipe says that the fondant has to spend the night in the refrigerator. I thought I had everything perfect until I realized I had my dates wrong. I figured that I'd make the fondant, let it rest overnight, then the next day make the cake, add the fondant and then the next day it's her birthday. But then I realized I made the fondant two days early. So the fondant has already spent two nights in the fridge and later today I'm gonna roll it out then its gonna spend another night in the fridge.

First question: is my fondant gonna be fine when I roll it out or am I in for a disaster?

Second question: will my fondant make it another night in the fridge in the shape that I want it or should I roll it out and use it on her birthday?
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It depends on your recipe, but I really don't see why it would not be absolutely fine.  Normal marshmallow fondant doesn't need to be kept refridgerated, and it is harder to work with cold fondant, so I would take it out of the fridge and keep it somewhere dark at room temperature.  As long as it is well wrapped to keep it from drying out, it should last a good long while.

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I never put fondant in the fridge (unless it is on a cake) How long would a bag of marshmallows and a bag of PS last? They don't go bad. If your fondant is tightly wrapped and stored properly it will last quite a long time. Even if it dries out some you can knead a small amount of shortening into it.

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Fondant lasts for ages, I agree with taking it out of the fridge, it will be impossible to work with cold.

I very rarely work with MMF, but when I have, I have always warmed it up just a tad in the microwave first. Makes it much easier to roll out.

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I use MMF all the time, definitely take it out of the fridge there is no need for it to be in there and it will be impossible to roll out. It lasts for ages bc it's basically only sugar. Good luck!

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I use MMF all the time, and it doesn't need to be in the fridge at all. It lasts a lonnnnnggggg time, since it is basically sugar along with gum, that gives it flexibility.

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Thank you all so much. I will take it out of the fridge right away. I'm so glad to know it lasts a long time. Again thank you all for your help. This is a great website!
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If you have a few weeks between orders you can freeze it too, just take it out a couple of days before you need it and allow it to come to room temp before using it.

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I keep leftover pieces of mm fondant tightly wrapped in the fridge for months, to use if I just need a little of one color or another. Then just put small pieces in the microwave for 6 seconds at a time to warm it, if I don't have time to let it sit out to come back to room temp. :smile:

When I make a fresh batch I leave it tightly covered on the counter for a couple of days, at least overnight before I use it.

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It was a good thing I took the fondant out of the fridge. I didn't know the temp was on full blast and it froze. Everything was fine until I had to use the red mm fondant. I rolled it out but when I would pick it up it would stretch until it ripped. Really frustrating. But then I put in the freezer hopping that by the time I need it, it would be a little tougher and it was. When I used it I right away put the cake in the fridge. But I think the red is still stretching. I really hope it makes it by the time she blows out the candles.

By the way this is how the cake turned out:

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Your cake turned out really cute! I hope your sister liked it.

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Thank you. She loved it . She was happy that she got the cake she wanted and loved that I gave it a little something extra with the superman outfit.
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Now that I know how to make the MMF I think I will be making it a lot more. All I have to say about making the MMF is whoever plans on making it for the first time, like me, make sure you have a lot of vegetable shortening and good luck. I want to thank all of you for the advice and I really appreciate all of your help.
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Can it be used in crafting, the MMF 

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I have had people keep it (toppers) for years. lol.  So I would think so.

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