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Cupcake party for 80 many??

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Hello all! A family member is having a birthday party and is going to have about 80 people. How many cupcakes do you think will be needed for this many people? Thanks for your help!!

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80 cupcakes for 80 people.  

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Each batch I make is between 20-26 cupcakes. I would make 4 batches total - 2 different flavors. You will end up with 80+ cupcakes but! whit doesn't like cupcakes leftovers?
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Originally Posted by Norasmom View Post

80 cupcakes for 80 people.  

LOL makes sense. I'm not sure why I was in question lol. I think because I know there will be other small goodies, but the cupcakes should be the star of the show :)

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I think I read somewhere that you sould calculate 1.5 cupcake per for 80 peoples, you should bake 120 cupcakes...but that might be exagerated!

Maybe 10 extra, so 90 cupcakes...some people will get more then one!

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I know if it was me I would want more than one and I would want some for home lol!


What I'm most worried about is the flavors. This is my first gig ever and I'm not sure if I should go basic or over the top...

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is it a close family member? Do they like your cupcakes now? Do they have a favorite flavor? Start w/ that one & then a complementing flavor. I always ask the birthday person to get my ideas what they want. if I get "I don't care", I start throwing ideas out there (of course I start w/the flavors I like best - salted caramel, German chocolate, coconut lemon) hoping they choose something for me to go off of. My most recent BD party was Tiramisu & Salted Caramel (her choice not my planted seed) yup, ate one of each! And, earlier in the month it was Triple strawberry cupcake (strawberry cupcake, filling & frosting). all choices of the birthday girls.
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I'm a red-velvet cream cheese smbc kind of person...and anything that as chocolate in it hahaha but mnbrogers has a point...ask them...maybe they have something specific in mind :)

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hello. thank you guys for your responses. Its for a family member and its my first gig ever. I'm so exited. I told her about flavors (basic vanilla, chocolate, red velvet), and she said they all sound good and she trusts me for
whatever flavors. I love the creative freedom but want to make sure I have really good flavors. I'm hoping this helps me get started. the strawberry cupcake sounds amazing btw.
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They were good. They were for a 5 yr old who wanted them filled with candy. Auntie said "no" so, she said I could put strawberry filling in 'em instead. I didn't disappoint - Nerds were put on top. 700. I'm sure Hello Kitty isn't your theme
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I guess I'm just a fatty...I usually eat 2 standard size cupcakes, lol. Especially if there are multiple flavors.

No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government...


No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government...

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Paperfishies--lol I am the same way! I always want one of every flavor and then I have to go back for a second.


mnbrogers-your cupcakes are so cute! I haven't made a strawberry cupcake in awhile because the last time I made them they kind of came out muffin like/gummy so I have been scared to do them again. The theme for the party is a cowboy/western theme. The main color is red and I already called my cousin and told her that red frosting would get everywhere! I'm going to do a light blue for the smash cake and then then a brown twist border for "rope". I want to put a star on it with the number 1 and write happy birthday around it. Do you guys think the blue would get everywhere to? I know that a dark blue can stain.

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i need a salted caramel cupcake recipe if any one has a good one ive tried 3 time and not good recipes. and frosting too please  please pat  sorry dont know how to post

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I say 2 cupcakes a serving too, at least on boxed cake mixes is 12 servings and it will make 24 cupcakes

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I say 2 per person is way too much. That is WAY more than a proper serving of cake. If you want to do multiple flavours, I suggest doing minis, and plan on 1.5 per person.

Even then, you will have left overs, especially if there are other desserts.

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