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Cake rising while baking

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Hi, this might seem like a stupid question but I'm still learning about baking. How do I make my cakes rise more, because all my cakes that I bake are rising in the oven but not enough for me to do much with. By the time I've levelled the top of the cake, there's not much height to it at all. So they sort of come out looking like Egyptian pyramids.


Suggestions please?

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can you post the recipe you're using? do you use a leavening agent? or maybe too much leavening...

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All you need to do is even up the speed the edge bakes compared to the middle;

You can lower the temperature and bake for longer, I bake at 140c for most cakes,

You can use bake-even strips or a damp cloth wrapped and pinned around the pan to slow the speed the sides bake,

You can use a flower nail/heating core to speed the middle up.

Hope that helps! icon_smile.gif
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Thanks so much for your help! I'm going to bake it right now, I'm really excited to see how it turns out :-)

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My cakes were coming out with quite a dome which only gave me about 2 inches of cake once the dome was removed. I've now cut a teatowel up into strips, wrapped a damp strip around the cake with a strip of foil on the outside and now they all come out perfectly even and much higher than previously. Means there is much less wastage (and less scraps for me to eat!). I have to ensure I've got the tins lined with baking paper that come up an inch or two past the top of the tin (or the cake may over-spill).

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Baking strips work wonders!  Also, make sure you are not over baking the cake.

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