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Originally Posted by Cakespirations View Post

You are so very not dumb. I was wondering the very same thing

Ditto, can you give us the recipe?

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Ok, back from visiting my mother.  My freshly made gumpaste is pushable not spreadable.  And by that I mean, with the DAB set comes a $5.00 plastic knife you use to scrape across the mold to remove unwanted paste - this knife is rounded on one side and flat on the other so you're actually pushing the gumpaste along over the mold instead of just scraping along with a flat edge.  I highly recommend getting this rounded knife.  No I didn't get the molds off of eBay.  I logged onto AliExpress, that's the only place that's selling it right now (in China).  I just asked my husband why the bank didn't stop payment on my credit card (because I just figured out that I did use my credit card instead of PayPal)  He got the slip out and found out that they must have a distribution plant in DE (within the USA), no wonder it took a lot less time to process than I anticipated.  And yes, you can put your gumpaste in the microwave to soften it just a bit (5 or 10 seconds at a time) until it's pushable.

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anyone have a link for the site to buy the molds? Is DAB like sugarveil?
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the op bought the molds from Ali express .com  

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so they accept Paypal? 

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I believe the gumpase in discussion is on the internet as Carrie Biggers gumpaste for Cricut cake machine.  After you mix it , it needs to rest overnight to become like store bought gumpaste.  But if you don't let it rest it is very pasty. I can't be sure because I have not purchased DAB, but it looks like the same translucent texture.

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I saw the demo video and figured it was just soft gumpaste they're using. I'm more curious about the molds. Are they rigid, or do they flex easily? I'd think that if they were flexible it would be hard to get the gumpaste into it the way they were spreading it on there with a scraper in the video.

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this is a site with Carrie's gumpaste recipe.  Use immediately, don't let it rest overnight.

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I have a few of these molds that I purchased from Ebay with paypal.  These green dab molds are very flexible.  I still have not used Dab.  They worked with D Edwards sugarveil-like recipe.  But there was an overnite wait time for the lace to dry in mold.  

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Originally Posted by DeniseNH View Post

I saw a utube demo for DAB the new lace making molds, paste and plastic spreader.  I just had to get it and just finished experimenting on it.  I love, love, love the molds and ordered them from China.  Didn't take long to get here - 10 days.  A cake friend bought me a package of DAB and the spreader.  I didn't have any luck with it.  Kept breaking even when warmed in my hands, then in the microwave then thinned with Crisco.  Nope.  No luck.  So on a lark I tried my plain old gumpaste mixed with just a smidge of Crisco.  BEAUTIFUL.  I also tried Linda McClures recipe for paste that goes with my Silhouette machine and found that DAB is almost identical to Linda's paste - and once again, neither works on the delicate lace molds


.  So I'm using my gumpaste from now on.  And I highly recommend the lace molds and plastic spreader.   Top was plain DAB, second was DAB with Crisco and bottom was plain old gumpaste with just a hint of Crisco added.




I am pretty green on backing but concider theese lace moulds to be easy in use if the right KNOW HOW is there. Please help us who do not know with YOUR RECIPE of that u called for "OLD GUMPASTE" and explane please  what do u mean with "a hint of crisco added?"  Deliciousdiva shared a link with the gumpaste recipe where there already is "2 tbsp melted vegetable fat" Is it not Crisco? What does it means with "hint of Crisco ", if not? Please share your expierience. Hope for the answer and then I am able to bake/decorate the cake for my son's second birthday! I've bought some DAB lace molds...

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If you knead enough crisco/vegetable shortening into gumpaste so that it's soft but not to the point of being super melty you can push it with a spatula into molds. I tried it with my regular gumpaste recipe that I use and it worked fine and was actually easier to do to fill tiny molds and some molds tht had a lot of tiiny little detail. I'm going to write about it on my blog when I get a chance, but you don't need the special Dab gumpaste to do it.

I think you just have to experiment and try it yourself to see what works for you.
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Oh thank u for the answer. I'll be checking your blog u know :))) And waiting :))) If u don't mind, put some pictures into the prosess' description?

Thanks again.

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She's right.  Take your favorite gumpaste recipe (whatever that is) and try it in the DAB mold.  If it's a bit too stiff, add about a quarter of a teaspoon full of white fat, trex, Crisco to the gumpaste and try again.  You just need to keep trying different things out until one of them works for you.  My main message was that the DAB paste didn't work for me - was too stiff, then when mixed with white fat .........broke.  But with my gumpaste mixed with 1/4 tsp. of white fat worked like a dream because my gumpaste has the needed stretch so that it doesn't break. and is soft enough to meld into the fine crevasses ............with the excess cleanly scraped off.

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My problem is that I've never tried to make the gumpaste before... That's why need the recipe wich I know FOR SURE works for others. Have not so much time for trying... and trying... and trying... Can u share the EXACT recipe with us? You bought? If not here, wouldnt' u mind to use PM? PLease?

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Yes, please PM me but you'll have to be patient.  I have several cakes to get out the door this weekend as it's Columbus Day Holiday over here.  Talk to you again on Sunday or Monday.  

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