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Cupcakes are too dry !! HELP !!!

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Lately my cupcakes have been really dry , although the recipes I use are those that have been made many times and this problem didn't appear in the past .

I'm thinking about the oven but not sure if it's really the problem here. Or could it be the new kind of vanilla powder I've been using ?

I've also tried to add more liquid to the batter or to reduce the dry ingredients but the results are still the same .


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I have the same problem and I youse simple syrup it a 50 50 combination on water and sugar melted over the stove. You can brush it on with a pastry brush and it should keep it moist I use this for my rainbow cakes but you should be able to brush it on cupcakes too might not work but give it a go. Hope this helped. icon_biggrin.gif
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Are you overcooking them? I agree re a sugar syrup.
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Check your oven temp. if it's running 5* too hot & you are cooking your "regular" time, your cakes will be dry. Do you have new muffin pans? Shiny aluminum vs non-stick? cooking times will vary there too. I have a double oven & the top bakes 10 min too cool & the bottom 5 min too cool. Good luck!
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