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Blueberry cupcakes question

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Hi there,


I'm trying out some new flavours of cupcakes and thought I'd give blueberries a try. I've read lots of recipes and tips on Google/CC but my question is can I just keep it simple and use my usual recipe, adding in a few blueberries per cupcake? Or do you think the moisture in the fruit would affect the recipe, should they be frozen first or something? I don't know what that would do to the batter....


I don't really need the cake to taste too much like blueberries, because the frosting will have them in too.


for the record, my "usual" recipe is simply self-raising flour, sugar, butter, a little baking powder, eggs, vanilla. nothing fancy.


I suppose I should coat the blueberries in flour or something first too, right?


Thank you for any help!

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I have just made lemon blueberry cupcake and read somewhere to put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes....worked like a charm!!  They didn't sink and the cupcakes were delicious!!

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Yes, coating the blueberries in flour would not make them sink. I haven't tried freezing...

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