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Question on rosette cake

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Hi all,


I am planning on decorating a giant cupcake in the rosette style. I wanted to use both pink and chocolate frostings but I only have 1 of the Wilton 1M tips and not sure I have time to go buy another one. Can anyone suggest another tip I can use that will be similar? I can't figure out if an open or closed star tip will look the same....

Thanks for your help!


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Coincidence! I'm doing one tomorrow for my sister in law. The Wilton 2d is the same I think.
Otherwise just use the one and do the light colours first?
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Hi RJ,

I saw a video on youtube where the lady has one color

frosting in a piping bag

with no tip and another color in a piping bag with no tip. She has a

third bag with the tip on it

and switches out the bags and just squeezes out a little frosting

till it changes completely. Another time she (or maybe

it was a different video) doesn't squeeze out

the different color and it has a variegated effect.


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I have done rosette cakes with both tips and prefer the 2d. IMO the rosette looks more natural. That being said, using contrasting colors both tips should look nice.
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I found the video on youtube that shows switching out the different

frosting colors and keeping the same tip.

It is 24 minutes long but she starts with the switching technique

at about 9 minutes.

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Thanks everyone for your help and especially pentranto for finding the youtube clip. I'm going to try a sample with the 2D, if I can find the tip (!)  and if not, use the method in the video. Thanks again!

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i just use a larger bag with the tip on/in it and smaller bags with the color and no tip. switching is easy peasy

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