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First "real" cake

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I've been decorating for a little bit for friends/family but have NEVER had anyone ask for a cake for an actual event...until today. YIKES! Let the nerves go crazy!! I told her I would do it for FREE because it's a GREAT opportunity to get my name out there, plus to get practice.

It's for a baby shower, and the mom is not feeling the taste of fondant on her cake at all. She wants ButterCream/CreamCheese icing on Red Velvet. Except for the owls on top - shes okay with those being fondant.

So in the picture I'm attaching the icing on the chevron obviously looks thick (I'm assuming its fondant) what tip do I use to get the buttercream that thick on the fondant? I know that sounds like a stupid question to "pros" but with this being the first cake that a lot of people will actually see.... I'm nervous and want it PERFECT. Any help is appreciated.

Also, I do not know who made this cake so I am not able to give credit to anyone - this is just the picture she sent me as reference. Sorry.

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Marvelous Molds ( onlays has a great chevron onlay. Easy to work with and thin enough that they won't pull or slide off of buttercream

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Thank you so very much!!

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It's a beautiful cake, Sprinkles, to make for your first "official" cake. Apart from using the mold suggested above, you can use a DIY paper method also:

I don't use piping tips much so I'm afraid I'm not much help here, but maybe someone else might know?

Best of luck with the cake and have fun!

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