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I'm new to the business of "selling" my cakes & cookies.  Looking for some insight on pricing for these things.  This will not be my first wedding cake, but will be the first one I've charged for.  The bride wants hydrangeas to cover the top tier and cascade down and around.  She wants to serve 75 with three tiers.  I'm thinking 6", 8" & 12", serves 92 if she wants to save the top or 6", 8" & 10", serves 74 if she doesn't.  Is $2.00 a serving with buttercream flowers enough?  If she wants gumpaste/fondant flowers I was thinking of adding a flat $100 just for that.  She wants a lot of hydrangeas!  Also delivery charges of $25 up to 50 miles then $1 per mile after.  She also wants 75 cookies with an initial on them.  I'm thinking a 3" for $2 unpackaged or $2.50 packaged.  Any help would be great!

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This is something like she wants less the basket weave.