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fresh roses between tiers

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I am cutting the stems off roses, inserting floral wire, then inserting into Styrofoam (not floral foam). This will be between a 6 and 8 inch tier. Any clue how far in advance this can be done? I'm wondering how long the roses will hold up, or if I should just do it at the set up. I haven't done it before , didn't want to try it at the last minute.

Thanks so much,

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I only add the flowers at setup. roses are quite sturdy, but they will definitely not last if you do it the day before.

I normally cut the rose off right against the flower and then stick a toothpick into the back of the  flower. This is easier to insert into the Styrofoam.

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You're awesome! You just helped me so much!!
Thank you!!

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Hi Lisa, it depends where in the world you are and what the climate is like.  I'm in the UK and can wire the roses into Styrofoam the evening before a wedding, and they are perfect for 36 hrs later (I've checked). Cake Chick is in South Africa so the climate there is a bit more testing than the UK, so I can see why it has to be done last minute.

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Hi cakegeekuk,


Thank you so much for your reply!!

I'm in the US in Washington state, NW.

I was originally thinking of assembling 

the night before and storing it in the refrigerator

what do you think?



thanks a bunch!!


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I'm in the USA on the right coast (you're on the left) and if you cut the roses off at the head and insert toothpicks - the night before the event, how are they going to hydrate themselves in dry Styrofoam?  If you used moistened florist foam instead of Styrofoam then you'd be ok.  But this is just my opinion.

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Thank you all so much, I really appreciate you taking time to help me out with this!!


I think I will just do it last thing in the morning before I head out, just because it makes sense to me that if you remove it from the stem, there is no lifeline. I'm sure it will be fine.


thanks again :-)



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