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Fondant figures

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I am attempting to make this cake for my son's birthday on the 5th.


This is the first time I am making fondant figures. Can anyone give me tips on how to make them? I feel very disheartened after making pocoyo. He has a lot of wrinkles on him and is too heavy to stand on his own. I am also having great difficulty making Elli the elephant. How do I learn how to make.fondant figures? How long does it take to become good at? I know it's all about practice ....I just don't know where to start.

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This tutorial is for 2D figures but printing pictures to size gives you an idea of proportions. Also, using lots of Crisco for smoothing will help.

It's not bad for your first attempt! Some things just come quicker then others, keep trying and don't get frustrated.

Modeling chocolate or even a mixture of fondant & mc will also help with seem blending, depending on the size you'll probably need a lollipop stick for support. If you go to the home screen of that link I sent you, check out her Doc McStuffins figure. She builds her head on a lollipop.

Definitely print pictures so you have reference photos this is the biggest help for me.
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Oh also, let the head dry separately (and other pieces) just make sure you pre poke your holes so they don't crack when trying to put them together with sugar glue.

Great Sources:

Royal Bakery has tutorials in her 'notes' section on Facebook (as well as the Craftsy blog). She has one for hands, feet, and faces.

YouTube Liz Marek from Artisan Cakes has figure modeling (there are tons of tutorials on YouTube)
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Thank you so much for your help. I used toothpicks ...will that work? My pocoyo is already falling apart. I used glue made from gumpaste icon_sad.gif

Ok going to go look at the links you sent. Thank you.

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I'd scratch him and start over. Toothpicks are fine, if it's for a small child (yours obviously is) I like to use uncooked spaghetti since they will stick any and everything in their mouth! I would make your pieces seperatly, poke your holes and let them dry overnight before assembling.
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Thank you I really appreciate your help. icon_smile.gif
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Your facial expression is spot on.  Usually that's the hardest part. I would use a combination of fondant mixed with a bit of Gumtex.   Don't overthink it.  Get a styrofoam piece to stick your skewers i n.  That will be the base you work on.  Put wax paper on the foam. It just takes away the chance of anything sticking.  Get two wooden skewers and first make your feet and legs.  Let them dry. 


Then add the torso.  Put a hole in the torso for the toothpick that will be the arm.  Let it set a while.  

Your skewer will serve as an armature for your torso and neck/head.  It also serves as a stake to insert into your cake when you decorate it.

You can make your head and once done just poke a skewer hole in the bottom.  Let it dry.  


Figurines are easy if you just relax and let things dry in stages.  You can make all of the parts, and assemble when they have gotten firmer and therefore lighter.  

To attach it all together, just add a hidden drop of royal icing and leave it stand on the styrofoam until it's time to put it on the cake 

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Ohh thank you so much! I will definitely try that. Here is Elly so far....she is not but perfect but my son was able to tell who it was so that makes me happy icon_smile.gif

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