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Getting Licensed

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Hi! I'm really trying to go about this the right way and get licensed. I live in Akron, Ohio, and I am currently planning to work out of my home.


I've been giving my stuff away (or close enough -- everyone knows I'm still learning my craft), and if I'm going to start charging for my work, I need a licensed kitchen and all that goes with it.


I've never been in the position to own a business, so I'm hoping you guys may have some suggestions.


My kitchen is a small, typical kitchen. I don't have the 3 compartment sink, but I do sanitize my equipment. I wear foodservice gloves and a bandanna (the closest you'll ever get me to a hairnet) over my very short hair. I have 2 dogs, but they're outside and the kitchen is meticulously broomed before I work on anything.


I've contacted my health department, and they gave me the runaround to a dead end, so I'm starting over with them. I'm really anxious to get this party started.


So my question is what am I missing? Do I need to apply for an EIN as self-employed, or is that unnecessary? I don't anticipate making a ton of money since I'll probably never do more than a cake a week (unless something amazing happens and I get enough work coming in to quit my day job -- not for a LONG time, if ever!). I just want to make sure I dot all my i's and cross all my t's.


Thanks, all!

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Don't know how correct his is and there must be other resources Doesn't really sound that difficult unless you're selling cream pies or something that nerds refrigeration

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Was that you on the other thread saying  your health dept referred you to the state of Utah? The health depts are often at odds with the cottage food law and don't think it should exist.

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Yes! And thank you so, so much! I'm excited to get started.
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