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Sesame Street Cake

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Hi, I'm seeing this cake all over the Internet and I'm interested in making it. However I'm unsure how to make this cake, especial Big birds beak. I would love to make this cake for my sons first birthday next month. Any tips or/and suggestions are welcomed! Thanks
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I would make the beak from gumpaste with a wooden dowel inserted into the back. Then when you insert it into the cake attach with melted chocolate

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Hi there.  I tried posting instructions a couple of times and I got an error message both times.  I actually did it exactly like the person above described but I glued it with royal icing.  You can also use chocolate.  I cut out leaves with a leaf cutter and glued them on Big Bird.  Elmo's nose was also glued and I also put a toothpick to go into the cake for extra support.

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I sorry I don't mean to hijack this thread but I am wondering if anyone has done a buttercream cake before? I have to make a couple in Oct. and I will deliver but I am worried about the eyes and nose falling off. Anyone have any ideas how to keep them on in delivery.

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I've seen them in buttercream also.  I would think that you can do it the same way unless without using a running buttercream.  Maybe use a swiss meringue buttercream or ganache that hardens!

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Thanks Terry11621 They want regular buttercream. I use Sugarshaks recipe.  I wonder if I could use rice krispie treats for the eyes and nose cover them in fondant and put them on a lollipop stick and attach them with melted chocolate? Or would a good layer of buttercream and delivering a chilled cake work?

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I think that would work.  You might even get away with using a large marshmallow and shaping it round since that doesn't have a lot of weight.

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I thought about marshmallows too. Do you know how I would shape it round?

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How about using an ice cream cone?  Cut to the length you want and then in half, cover in buttercream. It shouldn't be too heavy and you can stick it right into the cake.  I would use marshmallows for the eyes by slicing them into thinner rounds.  The sticky side exposed might even look better than the matte side!

Good luck.


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Great idea theresaf!  Thanks!

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You're welcome! :)

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Thank you ladies! I'm sure your suggestions will work!
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You're very welcome.

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for Big Birds beak you can use an ice cream cone and cover it with yellow fondant. I made this type of cake before and used Fondx Elite in Canary Yellow. Perfect big bird color since its kinda hard to get the right shade lol. Hope this helps : )
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