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Making cakes in advance

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So I have a birthday party that im making a three tired cake for. I'm making the cakes in advance to save me some time on decorating. My question is, how to keep them fresh over night? Do I keep them in the freezer or the fridge? I dont know if the freezer would be bad because once it thaws maybe it would absorb some of that moisture and make the cake soggy... 


Thanks for the help. :)

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Freezing a cake, even overnight will only make it moist and tasty :)  It will not make it soggy unless it hasn't been baked enough.  Be sure it is wrapped in plastic wrap or plastic bag before you put it in the fzr.

Freezing is not totally necessary if it is just kept overnight.  One could just put it in a plastic bag and leave it on the counter overnight if you are going to work on it the next day for sure.  Remember, a cake is fresh for 3-4 days including the time you worked on it.  Leftovers should still be tasty if it is covered once cut into but not over that 4th day.

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Oh perfect. I was planning on actually putting the cakes together the following day. I guess that makes sense that I could leave it out over night just wrapped. 

Would room Temperature be best as far as putting butter cream on it? or should it be partially frozen? Im putting Fondant over top of the butter cream as well. 


Im a beginner, so these questions my sound kinda silly, but im teaching myself. This has all really become a pretty big interest for me. 

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So sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner and that no one else could help you .  I have no computer access from Sat thru Mon :(

I hope  you iced the cake at room temp.  That's best for b'cream.

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Its all good! :) and thank you for replying! 


its definetly a big help. Im amking a three tiered cake for a friend for his birthday... its not till november 2, so i have some time. Im just asking all the questions I can think of before then. Im kinda new at this. This site has been a HUGE help

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