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Gummy Gems and Jewels

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This recipe/tutorial just popped up in my facebook newsfeed for gummy gems. I can't wait to try it!! Just wanted to share. I'll pop back to share more once I actually try to make these.

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The recipe looks pretty easy to make. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Let us know!
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So I finally had a chance to try out the gummy gem recipe......SO easy, well ok I made a few rookie mistakes. Trying for the first time at 9 PM when I knew I had to leave soon to get my son, but hey it was for my daughter's cake!!! I also used red gel paste forgetting that it doesn't always blend well hence the dark specks, but all in all I love the recipe. It's easy to use if you follow the step by step and tastes really yummy! (I used raspberry for mine) I hope you try it out and like it as much as I did, I can't wait to use the idea on another cake!

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They turned out great!!!icon_smile.gif
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They look good.  How do they taste?  Thanks.

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They really taste great, you can use any flavor you like. The tutorial said you can add citric acid to make them like sour gummies but that wasn't what I was looking for. One batch made enough gummy to make the jewels to completely cover a 9" cake and a bit for "quality control" LOL I'm going to try watermelon next for my son's class for Halloween. Here's the latest post from their FB page, if I'm feeling brave I may even give these a go!!!

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Thanks. The eyeballs look great.
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Well I did it! I made the gummy eyeballs (not bad for a first attempt) and went on to make other treats since it was so easy!! I hope all the goblins and ghoolies at school like them!!


CIMG3567.JPG 1,379k .JPG file  

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Here is the picture...I didn't realize I posted it as an attachment!

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thanks for posting, I'm going to try it as well!

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It was really easy to do. They have a starter kit. I bought that to start but I ended up going back and purchasing the full size bottle of great lakes. Heres a link to the kit I bought

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They came out cute.
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