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Wedding Cake filling help!

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Hello! I am getting married in November and my friends and I are making the wedding cakes, but I haven't really thought about a filling! I feel raspberry is too cliche. Any suggestions??  I want yummy :) 

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Are you having an all white wedding cake? You didn't mention what flavor you had chosen for the cake.


I just did a wedding cake for my cousin, she had a 4 tier wedding cake with each tier being a different flavor with a corresponding filling. She had a marble with Bavarian cream, double chocolate with almond ganache, french vanilla with raspberry buttercream and peanut butter with peanut butter buttercream. You can have any combination that you like!  :D 

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Dulce de leche
Cranberry (for thanksgiving! I made a dark chocolate cake with cranberry filling (from scratch, not from a can) and it was delicious.)

I saw a cake on martha Stewart (might have even been a Ron Ben Israel on the show?) where it was pistachio cake with blackberry buttercream. That has always stuck in mY mind. I've never made it though. It's on my kitchen bucket list. icon_smile.gif
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I was thinking it may be all white cake (subject to change)- 3 tier. The wedding is over thanksgiving, that cranberry sounds delicious!! I absolutely love peanut butter, I may do 3 different fillings I love the suggestions so far! Any of y'all have recipes for them?
The grooms cake will be chocolate cake with chocolate icing (copy cat of his truck and topper bride and groom without shoes- looks like we just went muddin) so I was thinking no chocolate on brides cake.
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This is the chocolate-cranberry cake I made
The cranberry filling is just cranberries, sugar, and water.

I think it would be unique and delicious with white cake. You could add orange zest to make it a little different.
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Awesome, thank you!! I will definitely think about Cranberry
What about Mocha?? That sounds scrumptious
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No recipe, just threw it out as an idea! Sorry!
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Thanks!! We will be able to figure something out for sure!!
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