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Cake fringe?

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A friend has asked me to make her 21st birthday cake for a months time. She has requested it to look similar to this (it's a fiesta 21st). However, I have been trying to make the fringe's but seem to be having difficulty keeping them attached. All of the little bits keep coming off because they are so little! 

Do i roll my fondant thicker? Use a different sort of fondant (gum paste, modelling chocolate etc) or cut my fringes thicker?


I was also wondering if there was a quicker way around cutting each and every one of the little fringe's. 


I am still only new to cake decorating (as you might be able to tell). I have made about 5-6 cakes for family members and myself. This is my first requested cake outside of the family. So I need to make this look EXCELLENT! 


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :) 



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What do you mean by all the little bits of fringe? You should be using a long strip of fondant with some little cuts on one side, but it should still be one long piece of fondant for each 'stripe'. 

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That cake is pretty.  Good luck, I know you can do it!!!! Hang in there and keep the faith.  Please post a picture once you get done. Like Kikiandkyle said it should be long strips of fondant with small cuts on one side.

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Yes my thoughts exactly kikiandkyle :)


Mpilon93 what you should do is roll out your fondant and cut a strip of fondant that fits around the cake. Then cut little slits on one side using a sharp knife (making sure to not cut all the way up). Moisten the uncut edge of fondant strip (or around the cake where you want the strip to go) with a little water or some edible cake and paste it on the cake. Good luck!

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Sorry...I meant to say 'edible glue' and not 'edible cake'...... LOL!

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I realised that what I was doing wrong was doing little individual pieces rather than a whole lot. I initially thought this would make it easier. Turns out it doesnt. Thanks all for your help! Just need to master the sombrero now!
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So here is the cake! I know its not to professional standards, but for a free cake what more can you ask for :) 


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You've done a commendable job! Good for you! :)

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Love your topper! The fringe turned out good for your first try:-)

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