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Cat, I'm so glad you were not out of any money. 


Nora's mom, what is the fountain made out of, that is so cool!


Batterup, I can't wait to meet you at the show! Are you taking any classes? I take that back, you will probably be manning your table the entire time.  I forgot how soon that show is coming up, I need to think of something to enter.



Here a a couple I cakes I did. The first is for the celebration of the birthdays of three science reporters. It was a fun cake to work on. It was really three cakes in one.




The second is one of my favorite simple designs. I just love using that starburst stencil.



I'm getting ready for a busy week ahead! Finalizing the design of my logo with the graphic designer. We have tons of cupcakes to make and a table to man at an open house for a local kid's gym along with three cake orders. I normally don't start on Sunday, but I'm going to have to make the frosting tomorrow to stay ahead of the game.

post #17 of 27 are going? Want to share a hotel???

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Cat, sorry about the cancelled order but I'm glad you got to keep the payments.

Norasmom, love the fountain cake topper. Great job!

Tdove, I really like your starburst clean and elegant.


I made this cake after a month's hiatus. I made this for a friend's daughter who turned one today. She wanted to do a hearts theme to celebrate her daughter overcoming heart surgery at a young age of 3.5 months. My friend didn't want it to be Valentine-y, so she went with coral/teal/gray/pink color combo. I incorporated the chevron pattern, as inspired by her birthday invite.  Bottom tier is a dummy, top 2 tiers are lemon cake with raspberry filling.


photo 12910372-1c42-4def-8a10-a4e01e01d4f6_zpse9a3a82f.jpg

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Originally Posted by BatterUpCake View Post

My computer has been sooooo slow the last 3 days so I can't open any pictures...grrrrr. and It's brand new :x I am doing a batch of cupcakes for today. I made 7 minute frosting which turned out really good but then I got the idea to mix in peanut butter cream and it completely deflated. I have it in the freezer right now. I have upcoming orders for a semi truck and a purse sitting atop a1/4 sheet.


Ginn thank you for the endorsement! I am so glad you like your cake stand. Things have been really exciting with that part of my business. I got mentioned in a blog by Wicked Goodies  and we are teaming u to do a give away of one of my stands. Joshua John Russell also got the same stand that Ginny did and sent me this "Wow this thing is even more beautiful in real life.  Thank you!!  I just posted a pic on facebook.  I have a couple blog posts already done and ready to go but I will totally place my next fashion cake on this baby!!  I will let you know when I post!  Thanks again. Joshua" Donna from Madison's on Main bought a huge gold one and should be getting it Tuesday. I have an upcoming photo shoot for my stands and am renting a booth at The Great American Cake Show next month in MD.

I wish I had an awesome cake to show you, but I haven't done anything noteworthy this week. Unless you want to see cupcakes in plastic Happy caking everyone!


BatterUp, I saw Joshua John Russell's post on Facebook and was so excited for you!

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Thank you Elcee!! I am still looking for the perfect design for the claw feet stand. I want something really gothic and I think that would be perfect for his style...OtCakes...that is really adorable!

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Hi everyone, the cakes look great. I especially love your starburst stencil tdove.  What brand is it?


No cakes for me but who cares, I am in love!  My new Grex trigger action airbrush arrived this week.  Got out the anniversary cake from a few weeks ago and sprayed all the roses on it red and the leaves teal.  Then turned the sky blue.  I was on a roll then and am now wearing a spotty looking teal wedding dress.  It all looks really horrendous but who cares, it was such fun.  I am pretty new to (read that as useless) airbrushing apart from spraying entire cakes one color.  This little beauty gives you such control.  I can feel where the color kicks in.  Lisa Berczel likened it to driving an automatic after driving a manual car for years and she is so right.  I am so happy.

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show pictures of you in your teal wedding dress!! lol BTW, do you always wear wedding dresses when decorating?

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Late to the party but here is my cake!   LURVE IT!   Made it for our 4th anniversary this past week!  I didn't have a lot of time to work on it, like usual.   But I tried mud cake for the first time, and made this crazy coffee reduction for some mocha IMBC.   It is amazing.   I don't want any other type of chocolate cake again, meh, who am I kidding I will eat all cake (that was you know baked and served fresh, no stale cake for me!). 

I can't take entire design credit of course.   But the pop art cakes are the most "wedding-y" I seem to get.   I put my own quirky twist on it though :)   The banner says, "Mutually weird forever" which is a play on a quote from Robert Fulghum that true love is falling into mutually satisfying weirdness with someone.   Suits the silly cake topper based on a t-shirt design.   


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Here's today's cake.  It almost made it to Cake Disaster.  I decided to try the All Butter-Buttercream recipe recommended by Mike in the Craftsy class ( bobblehead)  Big.... Mistake.  I left the cake sitting out all night as I usually do.  In the morning the head was tilted.  As I was trying to adjust it, I noticed the bc as so soft ( like melted) all the fondant on the body was sagging.  I had to put everything in the fridge and let it set up just so I could then tear it down and redo it.


The cake arrived 3 hrs late BUT.. the customer was really happy.  She ordered the cake just for her daughters birthday and the family gathering.  Whew!!! :oops:


Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
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Auntginn-Oooh, that sounds like a close call.  I'm glad it was no biggie for the late delivery.    It is really cute though :)  My daughter would go nuts for it!

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Manic I LOVE strange cakes!!! The Swiss Army knife shaped like a lobster is such a cool idea. And Ginny The dog cake is adorable. Those are the kinds of cakes I love doing....

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I've wanted to make a cake from that design for years!   I could never picture it though, seemed to go with the pop art cake :)   The somewhat funny story is that my husband tried to tell me a funny story of asking his friend to find him a stuffed lobster in Alaska (because they have crabs not lobsters).    For some reason, I thought he asked even thought it would be really hard to find because he loved lobster.   haha, so for months I was like "Here is some lobster junk for you."


He doesn't actually like lobster.  The joke was on his friend who did have a hard time finding a lobster. Among my many assets, listening skills aren't really one of them, LOL. 

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