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Decorating ideas

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I have a cake due for a friend on Thursday. It's the 1 year "birthday" of her Mexican restaurant that she owns. When I asked what she had in mind she said and I quote "maybe a 1 and the colors are red and yellow. And maybe add some tacos."
Uhhhhh... Any ideas? I kept asking for more but she kept saying it doesn't matter. Normally I like customers like this but in this case I'm drawing a blank. It's a little hole in the wall family owned restaurant so there's no fancy logo. It's just yellow with the name in plain red lettering. Any ideas on what might be cute?
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I really like the idea of some little tacos and corn chips scattered around the place - made out of gum paste or fondantĀ of course. You could do these and arrange them on/around a number 1 in the red and yellow colours. Maybe a little sombrero too?

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A 1 standing up with a little sombrero hanging off would be kind of cute, lol, and maybe a border of little gumpaste chili peppers.

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Perhaps a cake covered in red and yellow ruffles (like the little girls' dancing skirts) topped with a margarita glass and a plate with taco(s) and chips on it, You could press a numeral 1 into the ruffles and put the name of the restaurant on the cake board.

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Maybe do the cake shaped like a table with the colours of the Mexican flag on the table cloth? Then add little plates of tacos, bottles of tequila etc made out of gumpaste? You could have a chair at the table with a sombrero hanging off it.

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Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!! I think I might have an idea in mind. I love the scattered tacos and chips idea. I'll post a picture when I finish tonight!
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