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Hi, I have always used the jem brand products....they have pretty much everything you need or want.

the tools are seamless. I started with the book that goes with their cutters and it has very nice step-by-step

instructions...It is "sugar flowers" by Jill Maythem.    Just my opinion.....:)

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I use the razor to clean up edges that came out gunky from the petal cutters, I use it to trim off the wad of gum paste that builds up on some flowers with multiple layers that i need to lay flat, I use it to scrape my bench area (small area) where I am rolling out the gumpaste so it doesn't stick, I use it to trim fondant, I use it to cut excess off of molds. I can go on forever. it is a straight long rectangle with no edges so it is perfectly flush to the table or I use the edge for detail work. I have a bunch of them and go through one a month, but at 2-3 dollars at AC moore, it is worth it. I find them in the wood section of all places. It is steel so I just bring it home, boil a cup of water in the micro and drop it in for a few seconds. Oil it with a little sweetex and off I go till it dulls.


I am off to church with the munchkins, when I get back I will post more info on flowers :) I just had a second to look in this morning :)


Who knew a razor would be so useful! Might have to get myself one! Thanks :)

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