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Rainbow Loom Bracelet Cupcake idea?!

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My 8 year old daughter is having a "Rainbow Loom" bracelet making party for her 8th birthday. I am tring to come up with a cupcake design. Been searching online, but have not found any ideas.
I could do a cake if I feel in love with an idea.
Has anyone seen a cake or cupcake like this yet?
The hard part is that her birthday theme last year happened to be "rainbows" so I made her a tiered ruffled rainbow cake, otherwise I would just do that!
Thanks everyone!
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Just checked out the rainbow loom site. Some of the looped together bracelets look like knitting stitches. I have seen cakes that mimic knitting, maybe you could do a piped border around the edge of the cupcake to mimic a bracelet?
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You could do a cake covered in tiny rubberbands'd look just like my house!

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If you can do edible images why don't you duplicate the box the loom comes in and I was serious about rubber bands all over the place...oh and c clips! you can make them out of fondant! 

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I found these on google:



rainbow cupcakes 2




Use the icing plug method to ice

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Make the rainbow cupcakes (above), but instead of standard rainbow colors, use some of the other colors that are in the kit, such as the pink, lavender, lime, and black. (very little black, just for accents maybe.)
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Thank you all!
Mermaid- I never thought about searching for knitting theme cake! Brilliant!!
Coke and Secret- great ideas- they would be cute!
Savannah- oh gosh- I have never attempted that... Too scared!! icon_smile.gif and yes- my house is littered with rubber bands too!!
I thought about making the rubber bands out of fondant. Am I nuts?!?
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