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Pettinice is from New Zealand. A lot of people use it there. I think it's sold at supermarkets. I've used it, it's really nice. I once bought most fondants in the store to try them all at the same time. I had no problems with Satin Ice, though. I also made my own fondant to check it against commercial fondant. And the flavor I liked the most was the Choco-Pan one. It was also very pliable, I guess because it has chocolate in it.

Massa Ticino, the really expensive fondant, is supposed to be a dream to work with.
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I agree BatterUpCake! Satin Ice is yummy!

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Thanks for all the info imaginethatnj! I haven't checked the Craftsy course page in a few days, but I'll check there in the morning. Thanks so much for letting me know that I can get shortening here. YAY :)

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I bought a dummy cake today and had a go at doing just the fondant. I'm going to just keep practicing until I get it down. Overall, it was the best that I've done so far. There were some cracking areas ... maybe it's elephant skin and not actual cracking??? There was also one tear at the top edge of the cake. 


Here are some photos. I think I rolled it a little too thin. How do you know how much fondant you need for a certain size cake? I also forgot to put piping gel or water on the dummy to get the fondant to stick (oops!). Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.


As a side note, I'm going to try creating the colours that I want by mixing different quantities of pre-dyed fondant so that it's easier to replicate. I haven't found a consistent method of reproducing exact colours using food colour gels. I'm really happy with the peach that I came up with tonight. Here's the "recipe" if anyone is interested:

29g orange (Pettinice)

38g yellow (Pettinice)

87g pink (Pettinice)

453g white (350g satin ice and 103g store brand)



 < -- elephant skin on bottom right?


 <-- tear on top edge

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Sometimes the edges of the dummies are a bit too sharp for the fondant. Rub the edges with your fondant smoother or a piece of fine sandpaper before you cover them. That should help prevent tearing on the top edge.

I also tend to roll my fondant a little thicker for dummies than I would for cake. It might just be the dummies I buy, but I feel like the sides are a little ridged sometimes and with thicker fondant I get less tearing and totally smooth sides.

For the elephant skin on the bottom, elevate your dummy before you trim the bottom edge off. Then you can get a really clean edge icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for the info on Caroline's, I will have to visit if I am ever in the area. 

With my dummies I sanded the edge a bit and I also got my smoother and went over the edge to kind of compact it down. They still have a nice edge, but don't tear through the fondant any more. 


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Pettinice fondant is really delicious. Jennifer Dontz(c/cer) has a dvd using it, along with modeling chocolate. It is a great dvd!!!!

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I just pulled some of the Pettinice out to play with it. It smelled and felt really good. I formed a peacock body but of course it was too soft to hold the neck up. But it was really easy to smooth creases out. I am excited to work with it. Not at all sticky like SI and much more pliable than my MMF...I want to do a dummy pillow cake, wedding cake with flowers and a white, gold and silver cake with a pearl white peacock on top...

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