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Ugh!! Still waiting for Deposit

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My best customer's family has begun buying cake from me - a big step :)  But while I try to set limits with them I feel like they are walking all over me.  Disrespecting my time.  I am patient and understanding to the point of making excuses for them!


But I'm losing patience - Payment was supposed to be made Thursday or Friday the latest... It's Sunday and a few excuses later I offered paying by credit card online with PayPal...  over 12 hours later and nothing.icon_sad.gif


My policy is 2wks minimum notice with non-refundable deposit of 50%.  She was good for the last order (and tips!) but this time is driving me up a wall... madhatter.gif If I didn't know her so well and she wasn't a future potential source of more orders (event planner) - I'd let her know I'd like to make plans with my family for that date but thanks for considering me!


Ugh!! Needed to get that off of my chest! -Thx

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Nip it in the bud now.


Say that you need payment at xxxx time or you'll have to cancel the order. Teach these people how to treat you.


All the tips in the world and however many future orders aren't worth the self-loathing when we let others treat us like s.h.i.t.e.

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I agree, no matter how many orders a customer has or will make you can not let them treat you any kind of way because of it. you have to have ground rules regardless of who they are, and you can't be afraid to loose their business. Customers can easily take their business elsewhere no matter what you've done for them in the past. Be straight with them and if you lose the customer so be it. if you let them do this now, they'll only continue to think they can pay whenever they feel like it and have no respect for you time and effort.

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If they want your cake badly enough they'll come back even if you say you can't do this next cake. If they're only using you for their cakes because they can mess you around then you have to decide whether its worth the stress, or if you could be freeing up time for other customers.
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Why work hard to shackle yourself to someone who doesn't seem to respect your policies?  If she gets away with it once, what's to stop her from doing this again? 


Maybe this cake is for an "event" that she's planning and she hasn't gotten payment from HER customer so she's making you wait.  Do you always want to be at the bottom of the food chain?


Start of business Monday, call her & e-mail her simultaneously and let her know that it's a cash deposit only payable by 5pm--AND, if it's less than 2 weeks before the actual event it will actually be a 100% CASH payment.  No exceptions & the order expires at 5:00:01pm.


Paypal can be a great tool, but those payments can be disputed within a certain time frame (?60 days) and they are often settled in favor of the buyer.

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If you do decide not to take the order, don't tell her you made plans with your family...just tell her that without the deposit you could not hold her date any longer and it's no longer available. That is, if you are 100% sure you won't cave. If you tell her you're not available and then take the order anyway, you may as well toss your policies out the window.


Another option would be to tell her you've had another inquiry for her date but want to give her first dibs by "allowing" her to pay the deposit before you call them back to tell them yes or no.

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How are you contacting her? If you are sending her FB messages, texts, or emails you really need to talk to her in real-time on the phone.
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Thank you all!  Such grounded actionable advice icon_smile.gif  Because Monday is a Holiday I will call and e-mail Tuesday.  I will be getting my commercial permit then and will explain I have rent and insurance to pay.


I want to tell her because I didn't have the answer and deposit last month I lost the kitchen space for the week of her cake (I'll have to do from home now) and I could've been getting things done for her cake this whole time but will keep it to myself - easier to vent here ;)


I will keep you updated - 
Thanks again!!!

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Originally Posted by Moniquea View Post

Because Monday is a Holiday I will call and e-mail Tuesday.  I will be getting my commercial permit then and will explain I have rent and insurance to pay.

There's no reason to wait to contact the customer or explain anything about rent and insurance...I would call her ASAP and tell her that if you don't receive the deposit (or preferably the full payment since she was late) by the end of the day on Tuesday her order will be cancelled.
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Yikes, while I,m sure you are right - I just don't have the chops to do that to an acquaintance. I will give her a call n the deadline but with a little bit of finesse.icon_smile.gif
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If only she showed the same courtesy for your relationship...
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You can be firm without being rude. Unfortunately it's easy for some people to get caught up in their own world, simply remind her you have a schedule too. I think long excuses sound unprofessional (personal opinion). Simply explain you need her deposit (or payment in full) by xxxx so you can confirm and prepare her order, be honest and direct and speak with her directly, as Jason stated, on the phone.
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But here's the already gave her a deadline and she missed it.  By allowing her to pay you basically whenever she feels like it you are letting your customers run your business.  Not the other way around.

If you don't nip it in the bud now it's going to continue to happen.  You need to train your customers to respect your policies.


If it were me I would email or call and let her know that since the deadline has passed for getting you the deposit you will be unable to make the cake.  NO OTHER EXPLANATION needed.  She doesn't need to hear about your bills and you getting kitchen rental time or whatever.  It's not professional.  You tell her you are no longer able to make the cake and you hope next time she is able to get the deposit into you sooner.

Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
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You are all right and I'm sooo glad I have you to motivate me icon_biggrin.gif  mostly bc I am a major doormat.  I didn't think I was but found out recently I am - not to fear, I want to change.  So I am summoning the courage to call.


Just to clear something up 'she' set the deadline but to be fair I'm the schmuck who let her extend it.  *Gasp! - Holding breath* here I go...

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OK, I left a message.  I stuttered over my nervous words a bit but said, "I'm going to be busy for the rest of the week so I need the money tonight or first thing in the morning so I can shop for your cake tomorrow."


I didn't exactly give her an ultimatum so I failed on that note but will put it in a text to her - OMG!  I'm so scared about how she will react to a text like that...

it is my only September order at the moment and do need the money and exposure, sigh.  If I was stronger, this wouldn't have happened - I make things too complicated.icon_redface.gif

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