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How to colour fondant fuchsiaish-purple?

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Hi gals, 


I'm really, really new to caking and I can't figure out how to make fuchsia-purple buttercream or fondant. I have the Wilton gel colours. How do I get it really vibrant and pinkish-purple? Thanks!!! :)

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I'm fairly new too, but I have seen people talk about it in various places online. I use Americolor gels, and have seen someone say they started with a base of purple then added a bright pink until it deepens to fuchsia. Maybe try starting with something like a violet (not too dark a purple) and add drops of hot pink and see what you get. It's probably easier to practice with BC because it mixes through faster. 


Who knows - maybe someone sells a fuchsia gel colour somewhere! I'm sure others more knowledgeable than myself will be along shortly :)

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Americolor sells the color fuchsia.  Or at least they used to, because I have a bottle. 


Hobby Lobby sells Americolor if you have a Hobby Lobby near you.

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deep vibrant colors are hard to get sometimes. If you are using MMF color your marshmallows first before melting them. Then you have a nice base color to start with. If you purchase fondant buy a color close to what you are looking for then experiment with color. Or buy the white and melt some colored candy melts in with your fondant to make a nice base color. HTH

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Burgundy and then a touch of blue . 

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I made a fuschia colored peony once you can see it my gallery) and I used pink, royal blue and red from wilton. I began by adding pink, then a little blue and finally some red.


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Hi Molly, you've gotten lots of great advice here but my tuppence worth is this: whenever you tint fondant, the colour continues to develop over the next 12 hrs.  For instance, I tinted some fondant a light lavender colour last night, just a touch.  You would not BELIEVE how strong the colour is today....WAY stronger that what I'd hoped. This has happened to me so many times...with light blues, pinks, you name it..... I always seem to forget once I have that tub of paste gel in my hand.!...and only remember after I've 10ibs of the stuff coloured! So test a piece first before you go colouring pounds of the stuff.

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Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate all of your help and sharing your experience :) I can't wait to try a fuschia cake!!!

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