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HELP!!!!! SMBC dilemma!

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I'm making my first ever batch of SMBC. I'm following FromScratchSF's recipe and it was all going well until now. I whipped my meringue till it was stiff and the bowl was cool, added my butter and it never turned to soup. It never looked curdled, it just looks smooth, silky and yellow. I just tasted it and it tastes like buttery egg. I know I've done something horribly wrong, but don't know what icon_sad.gif Any advice? I really wanted to get this right!
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And I should add I haven't added any flavouring to it yet. I was going to add cocoa powder to make chocolate SMBC, but think I'll have to chuck this lot and start again. 

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I don't think you did it wrong. It's buttery lol. Add about 2 tbsp of vanilla to it see if that makes it better
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But isn't it meant to go through the curdly soup stage? 

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In fact, it didn't ever curdle means you did it perfect the first time. I've had a rare batches that just come together magically
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How's the consistency? Frosting like?
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OMG, I just added the cocoa to it and it doesn't taste eggy at all anymore and it is like the silkiest mousse I've ever tasted. It doesn't fall off the paddles on the mixer, it just stays in these super soft peaks. Does that sound right? 

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And I've just piped the dreamiest chocolate swirls on my cupcakes and it held up beautifully. It's so soft it doesn't look like it should hold shape at all. I *think* I got it right.

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sounds perfect!

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Yay!!! I am so happy :) I'll have to see what hubby thinks of it when he gets home. I can't believe how silky it is!

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lol I dont think this is the first time that someone has made a perfect batch of SMBC and got worried that something went wrong.  Good job!  :)

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I have to say I am relieved. I was studying the pictures in the tutorial like a crazy woman, then running back to my mixer and freaking out because it didn't look the same! It didn't even occur to me I might have done it perfectly the first time. I did a big happy dance around my kitchen when morganchampagne said I'd done it right. It has just topped off my whole day! It did seem kind of wrong putting it on banana cupcakes though. I purposely put too much banana in them so I could use up my ripe bananas (the kids like it a bit denser with extra banana) and now I have substandard cake with my wonderful SMBC!! Lol!! Lucky I have extra though, so I'll make a half batch of my fluffy vanilla cuppies in the morning and use the rest on those.


Do I just sit the SMBC out to come back to room temp before piping? Will I need to mix it again?

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yup let it come to room temperature first.  That part is important.  You shouldn't need to mix it again though... at least, I've never had to.

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Awesome. Thanks so much jennicake!!! 

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Glad you had success!  It doesn't happen often, but you can get a quick emulsion when the butter and meringue are the same temperature.  It will come right together in a mater of moments.  Yes, it seems like it's too soft but it's not.  People complain of the buttery taste but you need to add a lot of flavoring to it.  2 tsp. of regular vanilla would not be enough - you need to add 2 tablespoons of vanilla bean paste.  That will knock your socks off on how yummy it is.  And as for the buttery taste, nobody ever complains about ho "buttery" butter tastes when they spread it on toast or their pancakes!  LOL You really have to taste SMBC on cake (or a cupcake) to fully appreciate it.


If you are using it tomorrow, I'd just leave it on the counter covered with plastic.  I wouldn't bother refrigerating it.  


Welcome to the SMBC club :D

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