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Drawing a sketch?

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Just wondering how you all draw your cake sketches when you're planning your design? Do you freehand it or use a computer program (like Autocad)? I freehand my designs but would love to use something more accurate. I've heard of people using autocad but that program is so expensive. Would love suggestions of programs that would be good for Mac products. Thanks!!
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AutoCAD...... it's a good day when I can get my e-mail to work.

With all buttercream piped cakes I just had the picture of it in my head as it all goes on pretty quickly.

With fondant, gumpaste, or modeling chocolate I have to plan it out ahead to make all the bits & pieces. crudely, in my terrible drawing hand, make a pencil sketch so I don't forget. Just a hobbiest speaking here.

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I don't have a business yet but I would be up a creek because I can't draw a stick figure! What do people like me do?  (OP - sorry I can't help)

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I can't draw either but after a couple of requests for a drawing because they were having a hard time imagining the request they made, I went on line and Googled "line drawings of cakes" and printed off a three and four tiered sketch in round and square.  Made a few copies and now I'm ready to toss in ribbons using crayons, squiggles for lace, cross hatch for diamonds and large jagged edged flowers in the crayon colors they would like.  Now I'm ready for just about anything.  Often one of the couple is excellent at art and will do the drawing himself (it's usually the Groom).

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